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ross lama
Ross Lama

Bass, Percussion, Vocals & Guitar

I started playing electric bass at age 15. in Legrange, NY The first group I played bass in was "R.Z.E." with my neighbor Alan Egger on vocals, guitar and harp. Alan turned out to be a consumate musician and went on do some great solo recordings. In Legrange I also played bass and precusion with "The MoFos-experimental-rhythms-band" with Jay Hadden on drums and precusion and Adam Thompson on giter and precusion.

After moving to Boston I played bass on some studio recordings for people I met while attending Berklee Collage of Music, including Carol Huffman(later of Brementown) and Peter Murphy of "Peter and the Wolf".

I played briefly with a band called the Skalds.

Around this time a friend of mine at Berklee Karen Wolfe introduced me to some musicians she was playing with Dan Fassett and John Elder we seemed to hit it off and next thing I know I was in a band called "Axolotl".

I also joined "Brementown" a band with Carol Huffman a guitarist and recording engineer from Berklee C M.

I play bass in several projects with Dan including "Deja Blue" "Snow Crow" "Retroactive" "The Contra Banditos" and "the Salsa Bandidtos" I also play with John Elder in "The Widows"