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Dan Fassett
Lyssa Fassett
Ross Lama
Tim Langevin
Steve Campbell
Bev Rodrigues
Andy Sadler
Ray Strouble






NEW online store!
Click here to purchase Snow Crow shirts and CDs.
The Snow Crow Saga

Snow Crow was formed in 1989 as part of the process of putting together the CD, Photographs of Green Man by Snow Crow and Axolotl. This album was a solo project of one of the original members, Dan Fassett. In the liner notes linked to above you'll find the specifics including the personnel details that characterized the CD. In Photographs of Green Man the Snow Crow songs have a decidedly more folkish element to them while the Axolotl numbers lean towards rock and blues. After several years the band Axolotl gradually became less active and the more diverse sounds of Snow Crow became prominent. Ross Lama and Bev Rodrigues played on Photographs of Green Man and have persisted with Dan to become the three core founding members of Snow Crow. The current line-up includes our compatriots, Andy Sadler, Steve Campbell Lyssa Fassett, Bev Rodrigues, Dan Fassett and Tim Langevin.

NEWS FLASH!!!!! Our new CD Transit Time has arrived!!! The CD includes 5 Snow Crow originals, 3 Bob Dylan tunes from the Long Time Gone Dylan narrative show we did several years ago, plus a variety of tunes that highlight our favorite songs from our live shows. WE will be playing on May 4, June 1 and Sept 7 , October TBA, 2017 8 PM, at Rapscallions in Acton,Ma... Rapscallion in Acton,Ma.

We have a far-reaching group of musician friends that are always on call to give us a hand (or voice or instrument) when needed. They include, among others, assorted members of the Groton, MA. based bands, Contra Banditos, East of Shirley and ,Arte K Our numbers on stage range from 3 to 12 depending on the venue and situation. We especially love to do outdoor festivals.

Our Style and Approach - We play an eclectic mix that ranges from pure acoustic and acapella folk and chants to the an occasional electric blues and rock. The styles we are likely to play any one night might include Rhythm n' Blues, Cajun, Zydeco, Reggae, Tex-Mex, Native American and Celtic. Dan's term for "the kind of music we play" is Earth-Sol Music. This reflects our common love of nature, the elements, and rudimentary living.

Philosophically we are associated with sustainable living and care-taking of the Earth and its environment. We routinely play at celebrations sponsored by The Musketaquid Arts and Environment organization based in the Emerson Umbrella, Concord MA.

Instrumentation - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Electric Violin, Harmonica, Mandolin, Violin, Fiddle, Percussion (every kind imaginable!), Frottoir (Zydeco rubboard), Piano, Keyboards, Congas, Bongos and occasionally, Slide Whistle, Harmonium, Triangle, Accordion, Banjo, & Bodhran.

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